Respite Care Services Defined:
  Temporary care in our home for children with or without special needs while providing relief for the child’s caregivers.

If you are in need of respite, fill out the application (scroll down the page) and make your request & we will see if we can accommodate your needs. We know good quality respite is hard to find.  Please also see our Facebook page for further details.

Why would you need Respite?
  • Need a break from constant care giving
  • Out of town for business or vacation
  • Mission Trips
  • Family Crisis
  • Incarceration - longer term care
  • Homelessness - longer term care
Who Qualifies for Care? Currently only accepting birth to 12 yrs.
  • UHW accepts children with mild to moderate special needs
  • We specialize in Severe Emotional Behavior Disorders
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder, Mild Retardation, Down Syndrome, Mild Cerebral Palsy, Mild to Moderate Autism Spectrum Disorders, Bi-Polar, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and other Mood Disorders
  • Siblings
  • Any child whether special needs or not in need of care
Who does not qualify?
  • Medically Fragile
  • Sexually Abusive Children
  • Suicidal or Homicidal Children, or a History of harming Animals
  • UHW Reserves the right to accept or deny services
Drop-off & Pick-up must be worked out in advanced. 

Please always sign up for respite on this page and not in a  personal email. We are currently full.  You may fill out the form to be placed on a waiting list.   

Fill out the Contact form at the bottom of the page.  We are excited about serving your family!

Specific instructions followed for your child. Ex. Diet, Meds - Forms will be emailed to you and must be filled out and signed before drop off.

Work with child on specific desired skills recognizing root issues & ability. Ex. Home living skills, responding appropriately when spoken to, how to act when adults enter a room, character building, manners, building up the family unit etc.

Scheduled Overnight or Extended Stays are Available as Needed. Child will stay in a room designated for them or with their siblings unless otherwise noted.

Qualified House Parent Current BS Early Childhood Ed 1996, Mother of 6, Four- Time Adoptive Parent /Children with Special Needs, Foster Parent 91-06, Ongoing Training


What we are;
UHW is an active, Christ-centered, family support system which equips, trains, and provides for needs existing within the family unit. We develop a strong sense of family unity and promote raising children to become loving and productive citizens.

What we are not;

We are not a daycare center, school, church, government or state run program.

How many children are serviced?

This depends on the type of services being provided, time frame, available staff & volunteers, and needs of the children.

Tell Us What your Family Needs

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per child
Self Pay Discounted
 Available Scheduling

 Any Days, Nights, & Times Available Throughout the Week Available Per Scheduling
Evening Respite
 6pm - 11:00pm
Full Day 
 7:00am - 6:00pm
Full Day / Full Night
 Sunday - Monday 
Overnight Care
  7:00pm - 8:00am
5 Full Days / 5 Full Nights
 Sunday Night - Friday  Evening
2 Nights / 2 Days Weekend
 Friday Night - Sunday Evening
7 Full Days / 7 Full nights 
 Any Subsequent Days & Nights
Emergency Placements
 2hr. Min Flat Rate As Available
 $5.00 off
Any Time
 2nd Child
 3rd Child
*All Special Financial Circumstances will be considered *
 Fees Due Upon Arrival
Thanks for allowing us to serve your family!
Donations are tax deductible 
 Travel Expenses
 Mileage is additional for Pick-up, Drop-off, and any additional travel.

Home Living Skills Training

Need help in training children in basic daily living skills, social thinking and etiquette?  Our late evening Home Living Skills Training may be just the thing you need.  We have designed our learning time for one of the most hectic times of the day for those who work late into the evening and need a safe family home environment for their children to "learn and live" in a way that is promoting their social/emotional/spiritual well being.  

All learning activities are based on how we live in our first community - the family.  Age appropriate activities are designed for each child based on mental/physical ability and comprehension and are built upon each time we come together.  Children learn needed tools to live and grow within a family unit promoting and producing household stability and peace.  Not only that, but the children will learn that contributing to their family is important and they will develop a greater confidence.

Children will participate in a family style dinner each night.  During this time we will be learning to wait our turn, serve one another, prefer others before ourselves, table manners, waiting until some one else is finished speaking, and sharing about God and life.  This time together is always a lot of fun!

The skills list below gives you just a glimpse of some of the daily living skills your child will be learning while staying with us.  Please let us know if there are specific skills you would like your child to master.  We look forward to serving your family during these early years. 
Home Living Skills Training for ages 4 - 12 yrs.
What Daily Living Skills Are Covered?

Social Thinking Skills                                                       Interrupting Conversation Properly
Honoring Parents & Others                                               Respecting Others Property
Cooperation not Compromise                                            Answering a Telephone
Setting & Clearing the Table and Load Dishwasher              Healthy Living
Putting Others First                                                          Clean the Bathroom
How to get ready for the next day                                      Obeying First Time Asked
How to get ready for Bedtime                                             How to make a bed
AND MUCH MORE!                Caring for Siblings                                                            Taking Responsibility for Actions