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Current/Ongoing Needs

501(c)3 status - not for profit - UHW is not a state funded organization.

Current needs:

Please consider a financial contribution. Thank You

Car Repairs - Lots to be done/ please email for list

New SUV 

Financial Sponsors Needed for Educational Costs for school

Single Parent Fund

Sponsor a Child or a Mission Trip

Volunteers and materials needed for current home repairs.  Please email for detailed list of repairs needed.

Closet storage units

Gift Cards to: 

Wal-Mart   Home Depot   

Grocery Stores   Big Lots

Clothing Stores-Children & Adults

Shoe Stores  Gas Cards

Entertainment & Educational Gift Cards

Upcoming Events

Friday, Mar 24 at 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Sunday, Mar 26 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday, Mar 29 at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Friday, Mar 31 at 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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  • Laura in LaGonave
    Laura in LaGonave
  • Hannah making balloons for the kiddos!
    Hannah making balloons for the kiddos!
  • Some boys in LaGanove
    Some boys in LaGanove
  • Hannah's favorite little friend in Haiti
    Hannah's favorite little friend in Haiti
  • The first day of school - 2012.
    The first day of school - 2012.
  • Hannah and Sweet Pea.
    Hannah and Sweet Pea.
  • Handsome boy
    Handsome boy
  • Guatemala Trip
    Guatemala Trip
  • Mommy & Jesseroo!
    Mommy & Jesseroo!
  • Guatemalan Missions
    Guatemalan Missions
Laura in LaGonave
Laura in LaGonave
UHW Missionaries                                     Other Missionaries Supported
Cindy Millsap
Community Missions

Hannah Millsap
Community & World Missions

Hayleigh Millsap
Community & World Missions

Ybene & Laura Dalla
LaGonave, Haiti

Angie Jeffers
Project 1 Haiti

LaGonave, Haiti

Under His Wings is a community based mission.  We are dedicated to the mission field through the ministry of foster care, adoption, respite care, and womens ministry to those in need within our own community.  But Jesus also tells us to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  We do this by providing financial support and attending mission trips to other nations. 

Through financial support to God's Ministry in LaGonave, on an island 1.5 hours boat ride off Porte Prince, UHW is able to partake in seeing the Kingdom come to the people and be an integral part of caring for the orphans.  The ministry is run by Missionaries Ybene & Laura Dalla who live there on the island. Ybene is native to LaGonave and he is the Pastor and School Principal. The Dallas are currently building their home, a school, and in the near future a clinic and an orphan home.  The school is seeing great progress in all the children attending and everyone learns at the grade level they are at regardless of age.  Please consider how you financial contributions to UHW also helps provide better care for the Dallas and the the children of LaGonave and you too will receive the rewards of practicing pure and undefiled religion. 

New Temporary School Building Going Up

This is the Ebenezer school in the village of Belle-Vie, which educates students preschool (age three) through equivalent of the eighth grade. All children are welcome regardless of their education level.

Some of the Younger Children

Helping the Helpless in Haiti


Hannah and Hayleigh were able to attend the mission field with Atlanta Revival Center to Guatemala City to go and participate in caring for the children, doing skits in the streets, and feeding the special needs children in the orphanage.  They desire to go again in April and desire to go and spend time in LaGonave and meet our family there and are believing for God to meet the need through financial support.

  This little one was getting all the Love.

On The Street Security is a Must!

Always time to make new friends.  As a team the young adults help take care of the younger children at the Saturday rallies. The kids enjoy a time of learning about the Lord and are fed. 

     There is always time for worship.

UHW desires to go to the Mission Field as often as possible to help see the Kingdom of God multiply and God's glory fill the earth.  If you desire to support missions in this manner, please write for missions on your donation check or put it in the reason box when using the Paypal button.  Thank You.