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Meet Our Founder

Cynthia Millsap (Cindy)-Daughter of God, Mother of 6, Friend & Sister, Foster Parent/Respite Provider 28 years, Adoptive Parent, Certified Teacher-21 years, Ordained Minster of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Founder of Under HIS Wings CC, Inc. 2003

Cindy - as the director of UHW - has caught the vision (but even more so) - by grace and through faith - lives it out before the eyes of a God Who is very interested in the worthiness of her walk before Him and the ordained work that He has raised Cindy up to do.

I have always seen Cindy as having the forerunner spirit for the orphan and widow, which by the way would be challenge enough for a couple doing this Kingdom work - let alone - her doing it in the physical without a mate. But, where the physical may seem lacking, it is made up for in the spiritual. Cindy - being pierced with the heart of the Father - desiring a family, and Jesus the Bridegroom with holy jealousy - wanting a bride, walks with revelation resting on her as she doesn't limit her God to anything, to include - how ever He would desire, to increase her as she postures her heart to "love as many as He would send."

Literally - nations are being raised up under the roof of the Millsap home fulfilling once again in the physical - what the Lord is desiring - as He makes His great Name and Nature be known as - The Desire of the Nations.

May the Lord continue to pour forth the favor on all that partner and sow into this selfless, Kingdom work.  May those that have the heart to see the Lamb receive the reward of His sufferings -receive vision from the blog and web page that make the vision and needs known.

Standing in faith with her - Evelyn Huth

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Cynthia (Cindy) Millsap

Founder / CFO

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Jan Minter



Laura Dalla

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Founder of God's Ministry in LaGanove


 Hayleigh Millsap


Respite Provider


 Hannah Millsap


Respite Provider

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