Why Are You Here Child?

Posted by Cynthia Millsap on October 9, 2010 at 10:50 PM

Why are you here child?  Why are you here?

Who determines the destiny of a young one full of fear?

Your heart so wrought with anger, your mind battered with unrest.

Lying thoughts come so often, each new day a failed test.

Your heart won’t allow you to let go of the past.  So you sabotage all joy that comes in your path.

You make choices which only cause you more pain.  Your motive is to seek what you might gain.

But why are you here child- Is there hope to break through?  Is there something of love that has spoken to you?

I think I am seeing a glimmer of light, even though you resist and put up a great fight.

Is there a rainbow ahead my eyes think they see?  Will you soon find love in your heart and believe?

It is God that plans destinies and directs your path.  It is He Who takes vengeance and frees you from wrath.

His plans are so perfect, His ways true and pure.

His love unconditional, His sovereignty sure.

His wisdom it holds you child in the palm of His hand,

His kindness draws you closer, and His justice makes you courageously stand.

Why are you here child?  Why are you here?

Will you finally allow Him to strip away all your fears?

You are His creation, with a specific design.  A pearl in the making, not cast before swine.

His aim is to love you and to have you love Him.  His heart is to hold you and keep you safe with Him.

Why are you here child?  Why are you here?

It is time to rest child-Let me dry dry all your tears.

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