Quotes Under His Wings Respite has been a tremendous blessing to our family. We have tried respite with other providers and family members which have negatively affected our son and left us frustrated. We are extremely thankful that Cindy understands the special needs of our 9-year old son with Reactive Attachment Disorder and that she provides the structure and accountability needed for his continued healing. We are able to enjoy our much needed respite time knowing that he is safe and receiving excellent care. Our son enjoys his respite stays with Cindy and especially loves playing outside with her children and we love the photos and detailed reports Cindy provides for each stay. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for the Christian ministry of Under His Wings. Quotes
Tom & Jeannie Brevig
Grateful Parents

Quotes May 19, 2014 I would like to say how grateful we are to have Cindy Millsap as a provider for our children. Her experience and expertise in Respite is such an asset for us. Having respite for a child with special needs is very important. She definitely knows how to handle my children who have Attachment Disorders. I know when they are in her care, I need not worry. She can handle any situation appropriately. Sincerely, Eva Gonzalez-Saul Quotes
Eva Saul
Respite Care - Grateful Mom

Quotes Haiti Trip 2 This trip was so exciting! The kids from the Odascat Orphanage started school, we built bunk-beds, planted squash and zucchini and looked at two more orphanages in need of support. The children were very excited to see me again. Can't wait to return!! Thanks you for the support. Quotes
Hannah Millsap

Quotes I want to make this clear that nobody enjoys being in emotional pain. They are not, as is often heard in the vernacular, "getting off on it." No way, it is all about fear and an inward self-focus that developed out of a need to PROTECT oneself and SURVIVE one's childhood. Unfortunately, much of the popular therapeutic view and pop psych mentality has functioned to keep people in self-pitying, victim mode mentality, robbing them of optimism, confidence, hope, growth, and change. 1 Sam 10, Indicates how the Prophetic teams came from the high place, and they came in contact with Saul; from this contact, a Impact was sparked and Changed the Nature of Saul. We need Strong Prophetic Realms in Regions that will change the Mindset, Nature of Old, and Places of Childhood Abuse in the lives of this Generation. Quotes
Prophet Amze White

Quotes The Circle of Hope Ladies fellowship blesses me in so many ways. One I am especially thankful for is getting to know Cindy better. I already knew her as an awesome Mom to several children in my children's church. As a mother she's has taught the word of God to her children, nurturing it in them, but also taught them to do the word. She's also taught them to have fun in the midst of hardships and make the best of every opportunity. I have learned that Cindy is talented and gifted in leading ladies' fellowships, creative with drawing, painting, singing and organizing. She is a busy lady but always makes time to love God and love people. Quotes
Barbara Wood
Children's Pastor

Quotes "A Circle of Hope home fellowship has warmed the hearts of women in our community! Ladies from a variety of church affiliations are finding comfort in the food, devotions and time of sharing about our journeys with the Lord. This is the place to invite neighbors and friends who may not feel church is for them. We are seeing prayers answered and hope renewed in our hearts. We encourage each other with psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, prayer and thanksgiving! We need each other and need to know we belong! I know if my week is really stretching me that I will find refreshing and hope when Friday morning arrives. Please share the Hope!" Quotes
Barbara Wood
Children's Minister Atlanta Revival Center